LWM: Floral Dress and Skirt Collection

This week: Listening on repeat to the new Ryan Bingham album. So so good. And if you love a good gravely, rough voice, you'll love his songs. Oh, and sad, you gotta like sad story songs too. (Which is totally my thing.)

Wearing - Almost everyday this last week has seen me donning a floral dress or skirt. I have a serious love for florals. One part of this is definitely the fact that it's fairly easy to find floral, 80s and 90s style dresses at thrift stores. 
outfit details:
dress and cardigan - thrifted
booties - Convert (in Berkeley)
earrings (hidden from sight) - Pale Blush (Tangleweeds) 


Making -  I wasn't sure what to spotlight here as I've been working on a lot this past week. But, I realized when I stopped to think about it that my RainDrop earrings were one of the designs I was really focused on. These are a great classic, and have been popular in my Etsy shop. I'll be carrying this design over into the new year; they won't be one of the designs being discontinued, so if you've got your eye on them, no worries!


Ugh, this week has been a bit bumpy for me. Lots of little frustrating things with technology (hello Mercury retrograde much?!) Tomorrow I'll be at the 25th Street Collective in Oakland for Art Murmur if you local folks wanna drop by and pick up something pretty! Speaking of which, gotta go pack up the jewelry for tomorrow. . .