Full Circle - Back to Events and Craft Fairs

Last week was the return to selling events (pop up shops, craft fairs, art walks, etc) for Tangleweeds. First Friday/Art Murmur in Oakland on Friday night and a pop-up shop at Rickshaw bags in San Francisco on Saturday. After taking about a month and a half off from events I thought I would feel a bit rusty, but nope, it all came together pretty well!

There was also some planning and scheming time. The longer I run Tangleweeds the more I understand that things just don't happen without a fair amount of planning. It can of course get in the way though: if you find yourself always waiting until everything is perfect before trying to make any changes, or make something new happen, then you're probably hiding behind the planning. But a bit of planning, definitely a good thing in my book!

Photo details (top to bottom):
1. my set up at events
2. bracelets for an upcoming tradeshow
3. work in progress at the studio
4. morning tea and sketchbook
5. winter flowers in our yard
6. hedgehog mushrooms, part of Thursday nigh't dinner
7. my Susan Eastman silk blouse (that I picked up at the KPFA Craft Fair.)

Today is a "catch up on paperwork day" so I better get back to it. Here's to a wonderful week!