Tangleweeds Frequently Asked Questions. . . and their answers 

What is the jewelry made of?

Most of our designs are made form brass. A small selection are made from copper (the color of a penny) or steel (very dark silver in color). Ear wires on all of our earrings are gold-plated, surgical steel which are suitable for most sensitive ears.


Will my jewelry patina or oxidize over time? 

Brass, copper, and steel will all develop a beautiful patina from the interplay with the natural environs overtime. We think this patina adds to the character and beauty of each piece. 

If you prefer that your piece remain more *sparkly* we suggest storing it in a jewelry box when not worn, away from dampness and direct light (and not in the bathroom!)  Pieces can be cleaned with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda, ketchup, or tabasco sauce. Simply rub the ketchup all over the piece, leave on for a few minutes, rinse off and pat dry!


Where is Tangleweeds made? Can I visit in person? 

All pieces are created at the Tangleweeds headquarters in Vallejo, California, or at our auxiliary location in Oakland. Unfortunately we are not currently set up for visitors. We do pop up in the Berkeley and Oakland areas for open studios on occasion. You can find more info. about upcoming pop-ups at www.tangleweeds-jewelry.com/events/. 


What is the name Tangleweeds all about? 

The name “Tangleweeds”  is meant to be a reflection of how the creator, Jeannine Komush, sees the world: everything interconnected in this beautiful way that sometimes seems chaotic but actually has a lot of order behind it. It is also a story-telling device for the collections, with each collection a symbolic representation of the beautiful intersections of time, place, and people in all of our lives. We encourage you, the wearer, to interpret that story as you envision. 


What inspires the designs?

As mentioned above, we find inspiration in the beautiful inter-connected nature of this life here on Earth. More specifically, the intersections of the natural environment with the more urban ones here in the San Francisco bay area continually inspires us with it’s persistent beauty and stead-fastness. 


Where can I find Tangleweeds pieces?

On our website at www.tangleweeds-jewelry.com you can find a list of our Stockists, or stores that sell our designs. You will also find a page listing all of our up-coming, in-person events such as craft fairs and local pop-ups. And, of course, you can always buy directly from our website.