Of Interest Lately

Back when I still had my blog over at Blogger, I intermittently posted about what was catching my eye on the inter-webs. I want to bring that series back to this blog as it's a great way of sharing both what's inspiring me and my work, but also what's keeping me focused and grounded, and, no less importantly, simply what's fun and entertaining (to me and maybe to you!)

1. The Two Most Important People in Your Life to Hold You to Your Dreams - a great read if you're looking for encouragement in following your dreams (especially if it's a bit "off the beaten path.")

2. Astrology for April 2015 (by Sarah Varcas) - I LOVE this website for updates on the general astro-weather, especially when there are BIG things happening like eclipses. My love of astrology springs from a belief that everything in this universe is inter-connected in ways that we don't fully understand. I think astrology is a beautiful working metaphor for this way of thinking. 

3. Maryanne Moodie's amazing woven art - if you follow me over at Instagram you know I've recently taken up weaving (very, very much on the side). This woman's work is so inspiring to me. 

4. Michelle Tea's memoir, How to Grow Up - during my recent sick days I finished reading this great book. I discovered this woman's writing back in my early 20s. She's a bit older than me (early 40s) but the way she writes about growing up when you're not the person who takes the straight shot to steady job, marriage, kids, is very relatable to me. 

That's all for this week. Short but sweet. What has caught your eye on the inter-webs lately? I'm always overwhelmed by the wealth of amazing folks and work just waiting to be discovered!