Country Music, Classic Dresses, Simple Designs

Listening to. . . lots of country. Jeff turned me on to this guy after he heard him interviewed on an NPR program. Really good if you like your new country not to "new."

Wearing. . . Lots of simple, classic dresses with layers of long necklaces. I will admit, this is an outtake from my Essentiality Collection, but it's exactly the kind of out fit I've been gravitating towards lately. 

Making. . . lots and lots of my new Rain Drop earrings. These have been popular on Etsy and at my fairs. Sometimes the simplest designs carry so much elegance. 

I might step away from the blog a bit this month as I start to heavily prepare for what is to be a very busy July and August for me. I'll try to drop in weekly still, but (per my post on Monday) I'm realizing that right now some things just have to give a bit and I just want my readers to know that I will be back in full swing soon again! Also, I'll still be announcing a giveaway for June just as soon as I make up my mind about what it's gonna be =)