Getting some R&R

Some random outtakes from my last week. I've been going at 200mph lately and needed to reign it in these last few days. . . I really need/want to take some time off, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how I'm gonna make that happen before the end of July. So, in the meantime, I'm simply trying to re-evaluate how I'm working. Trying to work smarter not harder (ugh, I hate that saying, but it's such a necessary truth of running one's own handmade business) and take breaks when I see that I need them. And drink lots and lots of herbal tea!

From top to bottom:

1. a snapshot of Flowerland in Albany. I am obsessed with that place. It's definitely a happy and peaceful place for me.
2. snuggling up in bed with tea in my new (thrifted) Aries mug.
3. peppermint and lemon balm tea next to my night's reads. (I read about 2 pages before I fell asleep. A testimony to how tired I was, not the book!)
4. owl tattoo, owl candle holder, fresh outta the shower
5. look who waits for me while I shower. . . 
6. the best little statue garden I stumbled by somewhere in North Berkeley

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! I'm about to go make some more tea and some (gluten free) mac and cheese. Yum.