Back and Better than Ever!

(I jest.) After a week's break from the blog I'm back! It's really been a whirlwind week for me. This whole month is really packed and I'm finding myself feeling a bit rudderless at times. Between building new display props for Renegade and working on jewelry production for all of my summer fairs, I'm lucky to get one whole day off every week right now. Things are going to even out come July, but right now is intensely busy (along with Tangleweeds there are many family related plans filling every spare minute of my "free" time.) I'm dreaming of 90 degree heat and floating in a river sometime this summer!

Below, some snaps from the past couple of weeks. . . 

From top to bottom:

1. morning glories in my neighborhood
2. getting ready to vend at First Friday
3. construction time at my studio
4. workbench status: a gazillion projects going on at once
5. Sky Above necklaces made by my lovely assistant, Alice
6. my By Chance necklaces on display at Azil (in San Francisco)
7. morning oatmeal with strawberries (a quick but delicious meal)
8. moon pieces for sale at Field Day in Oakland (it was the full moon on Friday.) My earrings and necklace are pictured here
9. some snapshots from my display at Jack of All Trades in Oakland on Saturday
10. waiting for the train to pass during my coffee break one afternoon at my studio

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!