Tunes to Pack By

Today I am a busy busy bee, packing my studio, de-cluttering, setting aside piles of items to either donate, recycle or giveaway. I move my studio (with the help of my wonderful boyfriend) tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes smoothly. Tunes are of course an essential part of any packing process. This week, I've been listening to a lot of Nanci Griffith. . . 

Wearing - My dependable dansko sandals. I pretty much live in these in the summer. They're so comfortable and still cute (not frumpy looking - which is my main complaint about many comfortable shoes.) I'm gonna try to have an actual outfit post next week again!

Making. . . This past week I've had a surge of special orders/custom work keeping me busy. While I don't have photos to share from that work, I've been making a lot of my rustic blue necklaces and earrings too. They've been popular at fairs, and on Etsy. Such an unusual thing for me. Many times the pieces that are most popular at fairs don't sell as well on Etsy and the pieces that sell well on Etsy don't sell as well at the fairs. A curious conundrum!

K, it's back to packing and sorting for me. Wish me luck on my move tomorrow! (And don't forget, if you're local, or live in San Francisco, I'll be at the Academy of Sciences Nightlife Event tonight from 6 to 10pm.)

Take a trip but love where you're at

This week's Listening-Wearing-Making! Inspired by the romance of just hoping in the car and taking an impromptu road trip, and then getting back to realize you really love right where you are. Here. Now. I'd listen to this if I jumped in the car today (and I'd probably head to Big Sur). . . 

Wearing - 

I thought I'd share my outfit from Easter Sunday this week. I really enjoy dressing up for special occasions when I can. When I was in my teens and on into my mid-twenties I spent a lot of time and energy on my outfits almost everyday. Now, with a business to run and a family that I want to devote time to I find myself erring towards simpler, comfort based outfits most days. It makes those days when I do have the time and energy to put on something special feel that much more special!

(I love how Otis jumped up on the coffee table right when the timer on the camera went off.)

(I love how Otis jumped up on the coffee table right when the timer on the camera went off.)

I'm wearing: Tangleweeds "Dance" earrings, a necklace that was a gift from Jeff a few years ago (handmade by an old friend of his), a dress from Savers (a new-ish thrift shop in Berkeley) and flats from Urban Outfitters. 

Making: I've been very inspired lately, working on new designs and with new stones. I've been thumbing through old sketches of mine and looking through this book: Fabulous Woven Jewelry. I'm very excited to start making more one-of-a-kind, or limited edition pieces. I won't abandon my classic designs that so many of your love, rather they will be augmented by the one-of-a-kind pieces. Here's a look at what's coming up:

Lastly, don't forget to enter my April Giveaway. I'm offering up a pair of my tailfeathers earrings this time around. Tell your friends! I'll announce the winner on the 30th of April. 

Eggs, Kids, Cats

Oh, this past weekend was so lovely. So relaxed. I spent Saturday with my mom here in Oakland. We went shopping at the big Bead Bazaar that happens a couple times a year at the Oakland Convention Center. I don't have pics from my loot, but I will soon. Just not sure when. My mood today is slightly lethargic, a bit lazy. Somehow still gettin' things done, but at a snail's pace.

Then, Sunday, Jeff and I headed out to Modesto to spend the day with my sister's family and my parents. 

Top to bottom:

1 and 2. Easter egg dying project
3. Noah kicking my butt at Memory
4. Easter morning - in some of my favorite earrings
5. Arlo (the orange one) and Otis hanging out while I prep the egg project
6. Otis at the kitchen counter
7 and 8. My disaster of a work bench

I shared the last couple of photos because they're a good representation of what it looks like around my studio when I'm in "design" mode. Things get messy! And things are gonna be pretty messy through May as I move my studio space while keeping Tangleweeds up and running. But I am so so so excited for the new space!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday!