Eggs, Kids, Cats

Oh, this past weekend was so lovely. So relaxed. I spent Saturday with my mom here in Oakland. We went shopping at the big Bead Bazaar that happens a couple times a year at the Oakland Convention Center. I don't have pics from my loot, but I will soon. Just not sure when. My mood today is slightly lethargic, a bit lazy. Somehow still gettin' things done, but at a snail's pace.

Then, Sunday, Jeff and I headed out to Modesto to spend the day with my sister's family and my parents. 

Top to bottom:

1 and 2. Easter egg dying project
3. Noah kicking my butt at Memory
4. Easter morning - in some of my favorite earrings
5. Arlo (the orange one) and Otis hanging out while I prep the egg project
6. Otis at the kitchen counter
7 and 8. My disaster of a work bench

I shared the last couple of photos because they're a good representation of what it looks like around my studio when I'm in "design" mode. Things get messy! And things are gonna be pretty messy through May as I move my studio space while keeping Tangleweeds up and running. But I am so so so excited for the new space!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday!