Tunes to Pack By

Today I am a busy busy bee, packing my studio, de-cluttering, setting aside piles of items to either donate, recycle or giveaway. I move my studio (with the help of my wonderful boyfriend) tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes smoothly. Tunes are of course an essential part of any packing process. This week, I've been listening to a lot of Nanci Griffith. . . 

Wearing - My dependable dansko sandals. I pretty much live in these in the summer. They're so comfortable and still cute (not frumpy looking - which is my main complaint about many comfortable shoes.) I'm gonna try to have an actual outfit post next week again!

Making. . . This past week I've had a surge of special orders/custom work keeping me busy. While I don't have photos to share from that work, I've been making a lot of my rustic blue necklaces and earrings too. They've been popular at fairs, and on Etsy. Such an unusual thing for me. Many times the pieces that are most popular at fairs don't sell as well on Etsy and the pieces that sell well on Etsy don't sell as well at the fairs. A curious conundrum!

K, it's back to packing and sorting for me. Wish me luck on my move tomorrow! (And don't forget, if you're local, or live in San Francisco, I'll be at the Academy of Sciences Nightlife Event tonight from 6 to 10pm.)