Item of the Week ~ A classic: Swoops Earrings

This week I chose to feature a classic Tangleweeds design: the Swoops Earrings. I love this design. It's one that I am especially proud of and that my customers seem to love (thank you!) Last year I rolled it out in even more stone options, like the moonstone pictured below.

I remember when this design came to life. I was still working in my garage studio (which was also my living space - yes, folks, for the first year and a half running Tangleweeds I rented a garage bedroom that doubled as my studio!) It was a rare afternoon where I had some time to mess around with creating metal components. I had made a bunch of these curved metal bars and simply decided to turn them vertical instead of horizontal. 

The nice effect of this design is the way they swing and dance as the wearer moves about. They're also very lightweight - one of my Tangleweeds signatures. 

My *special offer* on this design is 35% off with code swoops through next Monday. Click here to shop the Swoops, or click on either of the images above. 

And, P.S., these make for a great Valentine's Day gift for any gal that likes long earrings!