Item of The Week ~ Effortless and Elegant Petal Earrings

It's been fun featuring a new weekly item these last few weeks! There's always so much that goes into each design, from mining my life for inspiration, to figuring out how to streamline the production, to creating a prototype and giving it a test-run (which basically means I wear the piece for a few days to see how it wears, then I make any necessary tweaks to the design), to photographing each piece for listing on my web-shops.


This week I'm featuring my Petal Earrings. These are such a great classic staple for any wardrobe! I was inspired by flower petals (specifically lotus flower petals) in creating this design, hence the name. With their monochromatic coloring and small, delicate nature you can throw these on and just about forget you're wearing any earrings at all. 

As my offer to you this week, these earrings will be available at 1/2 off in my shop through next Monday when I'll have a new item-of-the-week for your enjoyment! That makes them only $16.50 per pair (plus shipping and any applicable taxes of course.) Simply use the discount code petal and you're on your way to your new favorite pair of everyday earrings. 

Thanks for reading!