Moving Hiatus

Morning my friendly blog-followers! I'm dropping in today just to say that this week is MOVING WEEK! I'm hoping to get everything 100% moved over to my new spot by the end of the week, but we all know how those things can go. Things are going to be a bit quiet around the blog while I get moved and re-settled, while still keeping up with the demands of my late spring/early summer craft fair schedule. By late June/early July I hope to be back with semi-regular posts, and my first giveaway of 2016, so you'll definitely want to pop back over when you can! And you can always check in with this Tangleweed on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest when you're looking for cat-sillyness, wardrobe inspiration, bits of life ephemera, and of course, new jewelry designs and behind-the-scenes Tangleweeds fun.

A quick run down for those of you I haven't told about my move: I'm moving to Vallejo. Why Vallejo? Because it's one of the few affordable hold-outs in the bay area. My rent is going to be much lower and I'm going to have a space much more suited to where I am at in my life right now (i.e. more space mainly.) Initially I am going to keep my studio in Oakland and most likely work 3 longer days so I'm not having to drive to work 5 days a week. I'm going to see how this goes though, over the next few months, and if I find that I would rather move my work space home, I may consider that, as I have the room for it. I am mot definitely apprehensive about this next chapter, as I'm going to be juggling many different facets of my life. I feel confident that I can do it. . . And I think part of the key to making it work is going to be learning to be flexible about things, and remembering to be present here and now. 

Here's to a new adventure!

(The photo above is from Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma. Those poppies were just gorgeous! Jeff and I took a day trip out to Sonoma on Saturday, a rare treat for the two of us to have the same weekend day off.)