Full Circle ~ Monday Weekend

Today is my weekend. A one-day weekend, but I'm not complaining. Things are chugging along nicely with Tangleweeds this year, and sometimes that has meant one-day weekends. Thanks to everyone who came out the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival this past weekend. Such a great event! (For those of you not familiar with Arlo and Otis, let me introduce you to my two babies. They lazed about with me this morning. Arlo is the orange one and Otis is the brown tabby.)

I did the photoshoot for the new collection on Friday. I'm still hoping to release the pieces this week, but that is starting to look like a distant possibility given that I have a fair to prep for this coming weekend. What I will offer though, is an extension on my fall equinox sale as I imagine that many of you are holding out to snag one of the new pieces on sale. Don't worry, you'll have your chance =)

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Good energy's brewing this week as we approach a full moon eclipse this weekend!