Full Circle ~ Re-assessing

Running what is basically a one-woman business can sometimes be tricky sailing. There are always so many plates spinning in the air at once. There's planning for the near future, planning for the distant future, and there's planning for tomorrow, often all within the same day! I've become much better at anticipating things and pivoting when certain things don't go according to planned, but I still have a HUGE tendency to over-schedule and over-book myself. 

My point with all of this is that I'm backing off of my intended release date with the new collection. It is coming along nicely, it's the collection I'm happiest with to date (although I think I say that about every collection =) You'll see the last three photos here are some more sneaks of the new pieces. I've had some hiccups in my life lately that have got me realizing that A LOT of the pressure I'm feeling is self-imposed and I am totally allowed to back off a bit.

What I will say about the new collection is this: Many of the pieces are going to be one-of-a-kind or very limited editions. I will have them available at my craft fairs and online. A few of the designs will be longer runs. Many of the designs incorporate stones with a very natural cut and rustic finish. There is a very organic quality to much of this collection. For example, the earrings pictured above (with the necklaces in the photo - third from bottom) are made with ocean jasper. Every pair will be uniquely different as no two stones are alike and I will be cutting the metal shapes to compliment the stones. If you choose to buy from me online you will get to choose from the pairs available and what you see pictured will be exactly the pair you will receive.

I've been wanting to put out a collection like this for quite sometime, and I want to do it right, not rushed. 

The collection is made up of primarily earring and necklace designs, along with one new bracelet design (that I am insanely happy with.) I promise that as soon as I release the collection I will make it know both here and on my other social media platforms. Thanks as always to my wonderful friends, family, and Tangleweeds collectors who have been there along this long and winding path. 

And now it's back to work for me! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start.