Listening Wearing Making Returns!

And, I'm back! I've actually had the time to put together a blog post that isn't another edition of my "Weekly Recap." (In large part due to the fact that I had to get work done on my car this week and am catching up on work on my laptop at a cafe near my mechanic's garage.) So, with no further adieu. . . 

I can't get enough of this poppy gem. The non-conformist liberal in me does wish that at one point the lyrics went something like "girls chase boys, boys chase boys, girls chase girls, etc." Still tho, all "editing" aside, it's a fantastically fun song. 

Wearing - Florals. Lots and lots of florals. As I've mentioned in previous posts I am quite the thrift store maven, junkie, addict (choose your adjective!) Florals (from the late 80s and early 90s) are still pretty easy to find at thrift shops, and even tho I was a teenager during the 90s I still love a lot of the clothes from that time. This long skirt is from one of my recent thrifting excursions. The earrings are my Pale Blush earrings, the bracelet was a gift from Jeff and the rings are two of the many I've collected over the years. 

Making - Lots and lots of moon pieces. My moon necklaces and earrings have been a really big hit at fairs and at shops, so it's got me making double time on these designs to keep up with demand. With every new season I make decisions about which designs to continue and which ones to discontinue. It's safe to say the moons will carry over into my fall/winter collection!

Well, it's just about time to go pick up my car from the shop. I hope everyone's week is chugging along nicely. This time tomorrow I'll be driving out to Sebastopol for the Gravenstein Apple fair. Fun times!