Handmade Love - Shades of Spring

Pretty spring colors are on my mind this week. When I stumbled upon the quilted wall hanging below, I knew that this week's theme for Handmade Love was going to be color based: fun, spring colors like pink, purple, pastels. 

Pastel Quilted Wall Hanging by Twiggy and Opal

I'd love to hang this quilt right above my bed's headboard. Would look perfect in my room!

Pastel Raindrop Garland by PeleMele

This garland would look pretty in the window of my new studio space. (Which is eagerly awaiting arrangement, decor and some new/old furniture!)

Mint Peach Geometric Necklace by Alina and T

When I first saw this necklace I thought it was made from wood, then I read the description and saw that they're actually handmade polymer beads. Rad! (I'm curious about exploring polymer myself.)

How's that for a good dose of spring = ) ?