Fair Season

Wow, what a week! What a month! Fair season has officially started. I vended at the Treasure Island Flea Market this past weekend, but between the wind and the rain on Sunday morning, I decided to pack it in at the end of Saturday. If you came by looking for me on Sunday and I wasn't there, I apologize. (Next time that happens I'll try to post about it to my Tangleweeds FB page.)  Lots of great dresses found new homes on Saturday, that's one fun thing about the TI Flea: the fact that I get to sell my two passions side-by-side (vintage and handmade jewelry.)

Also, that nasty back pain that I mentioned a while back, is, well, back. Argh. I'm trying to look at this as a teaching moment: I really do need to better learn to put my health and self-care first, even before Tangleweeds. Because if I'm not well then Tangleweeds isn't well. I'm especially concerned because now that I'm entering fair season there is a lot of lifting and heavy work that happens at each event for set-up. I know I'll make it through, it just might mean admitting I need help when I'm terrible at admitting I need help. 

These photos are just some of the work I've been busy at for my May fairs. There's also been stolen moments here and there: making gluten-free french toast on Sunday morning (ahh, sleeping in!), getting outside and taking a moment to recognize Earth Day, cups of tea. I'm starting to realize that I don't so much mind being busy all of the time if the busyness comes at me at a manageable pace. One that allows for intermittent downtime, pauses to breathe and reflect.