Handmade Love - New Feature

My newest weekly feature: Handmade Love. I debuted this on Easter as a way of showcasing artists whose work I just can't stop looking at! I'm going to try to base each post around a loose "theme" but I'll see how that goes =). This week, I'm featuring handmade components (for jewelry making) as I'm currently obsessed with branching out with my own work and incorporating other artists' handmade loveliness into my jewelry creations. When my supply budget is a little more flush, these are some of the wonderful pieces I may just have to have. . . 

Koroit Boulder Opal Cabochon

You can see my tastes are running towards the slightly worn and rustic, per the usual. You can click on any of the photo's titles and you'll be taken directly to the maker's Etsy shop. Maybe it'll inspire you to create something new this week too!