Easter Colors on Etsy

I'm hoping, this year, to get back to featuring some of my favorite handmade goodies on Etsy. Round one: pastel-hued pieces for Easter.


Fragile strength talisman Necklace - unfurling

Well, there ya go! Not exactly a typical Easter-themed post but a peek into some of the things I've been digging on Etsy. This one was brief (as I had about 5 minutes to put this together) - I'm hoping to do some "meatier" features as I continue to flesh this here blog out this year! There are so many wonderful "hand-makers" out there on the interwebs, it's just nice to share the love in the small ways I can. I hope to share some of the "quieter" Etsy shops here. . . the ones that maybe fly under many people's radars but are full of amazing work. Etsy is a crowded place and sometimes only the most popular shops seem to get attention. Anywho, there I go off on a tangent, but a tangent about my motivation behind this blog feature. If you like, leave a little post in the comments about the type of work you'd like to see featured here and I'll keep that in mind as I work on these posts. 

(Now it's time to go help my Nephew search for some eggs!)