Not all Fun and Games

You know, this year has really started out on a great note for Tangleweeds. Lots of great energy in the studio, growing and maintaining healthy relationships with local and out-of-state shops, and starting the beginning processes on some new lines of products. But sometimes when you run a business there are hard decisions to make, and sometimes they're not the decisions you want to make at all. The learning curve can be steep when you are the "wear-er of many hats" so to speak, and I may have tried to best that learning curve. . . Why do I share this with you? Simply to say that it's not always fun and creative but sometimes it's simple business practicalities that must be dealt with. I don't say all of this to complain, but rather to keep other's perspectives realistic. Sometimes in this era of over-information saturation I think us creative folks can look at what others are doing (and by look at I mean mostly browsing around on the web) and think "I want to do that but I don't think I could ever get there." Things can get pretty glossed over on Facebook, blogs, twitter and the like, making running one's own business look like an un-attainable dream. I don't have some magic key that has opened up the door to having a small handmade business possible. It's mostly come from working my fanny off. If you want it you can have it with enough hard work and perseverance. And ask for help when and where you can. To all my tireless friends and compatriots striving towards your dreams: don't give up, it ain't always easy but it's almost always worth it. 

(And when things get completely over-whelming and I just need a break, I always have this guy to cuddle up with at home.)