Full Week, Full Heart, Full Life

This last week was full of great stuff. Visited my sister, visited my folks, vended at the Treasure Island Flea, went on a hike with a good friend and more! I'm pouring over craft fair applications today, so this entry will be a bit brief. Enjoy your week everyone!

Photos (from top to bottom)

1. Early morning me before heading to the Treasure Island Flea
2. Early morning kitchen window
3. Me and my sis hanging out at her house
4. A WONDERFUL meal I came home to Sunday evening after the second day of the Treasure Island Flea. Jeff and Sera cooked up a feast!
5. Pretty flowers outside my Oakland studio
6. Some vintage hanging in my booth this past weekend
7. My friend Alice and I on our afternoon hike
8. Mending my boyfriend's favorite sweater
9. Lastly, my booth at the Treasure Island Flea

(All of these photos are from my Instagram feed. Follow me at if you like to see photos of my works-in-progress, cute cats, flowers and other pretty things!)