Inspired By Neutrals

Apparently there's a color theme to my posts this week. Purple on Tuesday, neutrals with this week's edition of Listening, Wearing, Making. Not that those colors have much to do with the music I've been listening to. . . I discovered Carrie Rodriquez just last week. New country, singer-songwriter, and she plays the fiddle! Pretty much music perfection if ya ask me. 

Wearing. . . I've been quite inspired by Gretchen Jone's Neutral Territory project/blog. She's basically decided to wear only neutrals for a whole year, and each month she eliminates one color until it's pretty restricted by year's end. I really am already a neutral lover, but her project is inspiring. I love it when people create personal challenges or experiments and then share their endeavors with the world. Check her blog out if you're interested! My outfit below is pretty much a mixture of 100% thrifted finds. 


Making. . . Some new variations on my Egyptian style necklaces. These aren't available in my Etsy shop yet, but will be once I get them photographed. 


Lastly, I'm announcing today that I'm going to start offering a monthly Tangleweeds giveaway here on my blog. I'll start the first one in March, since this month is already more than half over (how the heck did that happen!?) It might be one of these beauties. . . But I'm not sure yet, so you'll just have to check back the first week of March =)

Have a lovely rest of your week and weekend everyone. I'll be back next Tuesday!