My love for Country Music

This week's edition of Listening, Wearing Making!

My love for country music (and all derivations of it, be it bluegrass, americana, old-timey, etc) runs deep. It's not a love that has ben life long, no. Rather I "found" country music about seven or eight years ago. I felt like I had found home. At least that's how I describe it when I try to describe how the music makes me feel. A new find for me this month has been Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison. They put out the album Cheater's Game just this year and I can't stop listening to it. Below is one of my favorite songs from the album. 

Wearing. . . well, I have been putting a cursory amount of attention towards getting dressed in the morning. This last week I've simply wanted to jaunt off to my studio as quickly as possible because my new designs are simply begging to be realized. I'm actually starting to understand the appeal of simply wearing one's work-out gear (for me it'd be yoga pants, a tank top and a sweatshirt) all day. But, I'm not that gal (usually) so I've been tending towards comfy vintage pieces that can be thrown on with some earrings and I'm good! Like this Mexican embroidered piece I found at Goodwill recently. 


As far as my making goes, I think I've already said it a bajillion times, I'm working like a fiend on the new collection, which I am beyond excited about. I'd love to share some photos of finished pieces here, but until I solidify the line, I'll leave you in suspense. In the meantime I'll tease you all with a photo of some of the components going into the new line. I absolutely love these pale green stones, the color and their irregular shape. 


Alright, I think it's time for a coffee break. I seriously cannot believe how warm it is here in Oakland today. It feels like 70! (Yikes, global warming?!) I feel lucky considering what so much of the rest of the country is dealing with. Stay safe and warm everyone!