New Designs, New Ideas

I have been so pleasantly busy in the studio so far this year! There are literally more ideas for new designs knocking around in my head than I have time to realize. My spring/summer collection is coming along nicely, you can see hints of it in some of the photos below. Certain colors and shape elements. 


The above piece were part of a re-stock at Oak Common in Oakland. If you haven't checked out this great shop on Grand Ave, you should! It'd be a great place to pick up a Valentine's gift for a gal or a guy.


The above two photos are from events from the past weekend. On Friday I was at the 25th Street Collective for First Friday (local folks, keep in mind I'm there EVERY month if you want to know where to come and see me and the designs in person). On Saturday I was at Jack of All Trades. And any time you want more info on where you can find Tangleweeds, simply head on over to the events page.


Above you can see hints of the new collection. A lot of the jewelry above are vintage or antique pieces (I'm a bit of a collector/hoarder when it comes to jewelry). While these pieces won't actually be re-made into new pieces, they sort of act as a "moodboard" for me. I love to lay out a bunch of supplies and pieces of jewelry that I'm vibing with in a strong way and see where my imagination takes me. 


These brass earrings are all classic Tangleweeds designs. Sold quite a few of these at Jack of All Trades. 


Bangles that were shipped out to new homes last week. 


Part of my workspace yesterday. If you saw my work table today you'd laugh. It's a disaster! When I get into full-on designing mode things can get a bit messy in the stuido. It's all part of the process!

I know I've been teasing you guys with the mention of a men's collection too, and it is coming! There's been a bit of a slow down on some areas as I source just the right supplies. I hope to debut a small selection of the men's pieces at March's First Friday. Keep checking back here and you'll be the first to know when the pieces are available.

Alrighty, it's back to the workbench and the work table for me!