Being Real

I’ve sort of accepted over the years that blogging super regularly is just not something I am naturally inclined towards making time for. And nowadays with all of the different social media platforms and an email newsletter to create and a podcast in the works I find that sometimes whole months slip by without a blog post being created. 


And that’s okay. I know that. But sometimes I think my body doesn’t know that. Or some part of my subconscious mind. Because I still feel guilt about not generating posts more often. 

I know we all deal with this sort of thing. Guilt around not meeting our own expectations. One thing that I told myself I would do this year was “let go of guilt.” This thought didn’t come after some long mediation session or from years of therapy, it just came from a very true part of myself that KNEW I needed to stop guilting myself over anything and everything. Trust you me, I can find a way to feel like something is my fault, or like I didn’t try hard enough quite easily. 

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, in the interest of transparency and where I’m hoping to be headed with Tangleweeds I want to be more honest about what it’s really like doing what I’m doing. Being a jewelry artist. Running my small handmade business. All of the behind the scenes stuff. I’m still, in many ways, fumbling my way through figuring out my goals for the next few years. I wrote about it in a post earlier this year, that after my back injury near the end of last year I knew I couldn’t keep working the way I’ve been working. I need more softness. I need more flexibility. I need more connection to my creativity and my art. I especially need more room to explore new ideas - like in-real-life workshops, online courses, and that podcast I mentioned. 

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve noticed the shift. I’m jumping on to stories more often and sharing my true thoughts about my work/day/efforts. My most recent IGTV episode I really laid out how I’m feeling about the whole idea of a “brand” and how I intend to pivot with that in the weeks and months to come. (In short: more of me as the jewelry artist, and less of Tangleweeds as yet another flawless brand constantly selling to all of you.) 

In short, I hope this new direction speaks to you. Also, this is where YOU come in. What would YOU like to see more of from Tangleweeds? A certain sort of jewelry design? A certain type of stone? But more than just jewelry, would you like more behind-the-scenes posts? Or maybe you would love to see more easy jewelry tutorials on my IGTV? I’m interested in ANYTHING you may be thinking of, because as I move forward I’ll be looking towards not just the jewelry I am inspired to make but ALSO the content I’m inspired to create. 

I thank each and every one of you for following along on my Tangleweeds journey!