The Tangleweeds Tool-Kit

Well, well, well, this little blog here sure has been quiet this year! Between moving my studio twice and traveling more than usual for events, I simply found myself with less time for certain endeavors. Sadly, the blog was one place I had to limit my time. I'm hoping to drop in here weekly again soon (yes, I know it's crazy to set new goals during the holidays, but I have a strategy in place ;-)

Today I wanted to pop in and share some fun stuff that I've been including in my newsletters this year. (simply click here if you'd like to sign up for my newsletter). I call it the "Tangleweeds Tool Kit." It's full of stuff that I hope will make finding the beauty in the everyday a little bit easier for all of us, and especially this time of the year!

tool kit.jpg

The Holidays Edition
It's my sincere hope that these little goodies might help you have a more beautiful holiday season, even as the days keep you busy. 

1. Wanting to gussy up for the holidays? Why not try a new hairstyle? Ideally one that doesn't take hours to create! Try all of the great hair options at the Beautiful Mess blog and website.


3. Need a fun and festive activity that's family friendly? The Union Square ice skating rink in San Francisco is in full swing! 

4. Looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season? This list is a great list of charities that specifically kids will get excited about. I think they're pretty awesome from an adult's perspective too ;-). 

5. Lastly, I know the holidays can be a trying time for all of us, but especially if you're struggling with depression or don't have family close by (not to mention all of the reasons life can be painful at times.) Please, if you are feeling down and need comfort, consider sending a text to The Crisis Text Line. And please share this info with anyone you think may need it.


I leave you with some Arlo lovin' for today. I hope everyone out these is enjoying their holidays!