Earth Relics Collection - You Must Go There

This year has been so much about embracing the unknown, walking into situations I'm unsure of what the outcome may be. And yet being sure that I must go there. This collection echoes that sentiment. It's a branching out, a treading into new waters, unsure of what the reaction will be but knowing that I must go there. 

New pieces will continue to roll out as part of this collection over the next couple of months. I intend for this collection to be an on-going collaboration with my muse and the beauty that the earth provides through unique and carefully sourced stones. 

Each piece tells a story, a story about age and time and the beauty that unfolds as we give ourselves over to what we know in our bones. A story that I hope everyone interprets in their own unique way, shaped and molded by their own experiences: their moments of grace, their moments of pain, their moments of just being. Echoing the way the ocean gently exposes a cliffside over many centuries, or the sun slowly fades the side of an old barn. Age, ancientness, and newness all co-mingling in every moment of our lives.  

Along with the new collection, I'm also launching my own webshop here at the Tangleweeds website. Much work and love has been put into the shop, and I hope you enjoy perusing and shopping the new and the classic work. The shop will go live at 7am tomorrow morning. As an exclusive for my blog followers and newsletter subscribers, I'm offering 25% off all orders through Friday with the coupon code "newsletter."

Where will you go with your Tangleweeds?
Something to think about, both for me and for you.