Full Circle: A Jewelry Filled Week

This week is sort of a flurry of jewelry making. When you run a small handmade business there is so much to tend to that is not the actual action of creating your art or craft. It's actually easy for a whole work day to quickly fill up without a minute at the workbench. This week has been the exact reverse of that for Tangleweeds. Many of you took advantage of my last Etsy sale, there's been wholesale orders to ship, and Wallflower (in San Francisco) needs a re-stock (especially of these Dance earrings directly below.) Crammed into the cracks and crevices of my time not spent at the workbench has been time spent planning for the year ahead. . . 

So far this year's themes seems to be

1. learning how to more quickly and effortlessly pivot with my business (and in life in general)

2. taking the time to strategize and plan before I forge ahead with new ideas and goals

Just some thoughts on this sleepy Tuesday morning. Have a beautiful week everyone!