LWM ~ Old/New

Is this year just flying by for anyone else? Kind of a silly question to ask, I realize. We're all so busy these days! Amidst all of the busy-ness I've been slowly getting reacquainted with some of my favorite music. The 90s album, Stranger's Almanac, from Whiskeytown, is such a good country-rock-folk amalgam. This song, Houses on the Hill, is fairly melancholy, but it's one of those melancholy songs that resonates so completely with me that it just makes me feel more alive when I listen to it. 

Wearing ~ The weather has been so warm lately I've actually been pulling out the tank tops and tank dresses! This dress is one I picked up at Savers in Berkeley (before they closed!) It's a bit short, but nothing a vintage slip layered underneath can't fix.

outfit details ~
dress and slip ~ thrifted
boots ~ Dr. Scholl's
necklace and earrings ~ Tangleweeds (the Double Moon Lariat and the Dusk Earrings)

Making ~ I've pretty much been busy making EVERYTHING. This year I'm really pushing to increase my on hand inventory so it's not such a scramble to fill large wholesale orders when they come in. But I wanted to use this post to let my collectors know that several of my designs are going to be discontinued in the next few months, including these Sepia Petals Earrings. Once I finalize the selection process I'll be offering a limited time discount offer on these and several other designs. Stay tuned for more on that!

So much has been changing 'round my parts lately. . . I'm headed to a closing/farewell party at a favorite shop of mine in Berkeley tonight. I've been thinking a lot lately about how you've really gotta appreciate people, place, and things NOW, cause nothing lasts forever. If anyone else is headed to the Gorgeous and Green farewell party, I'll see you there! I plan to be there around 6 tonight. In the meantime, have a lovely day!