Full Circle ~ Life Lately

Summertime! Running Tangleweeds really creates such a dichotomy during the summer. Lazy summer days? Ha! One things that's been made vividly apparent to me is that July may actually be the busiest month of the year for me (even a bit busier than December.) But it's been a really great summer thus far and I'm excited for what the rest may hold. Especially my five day camping trip next week! Below are some snapshots from my days throughout the last couple of weeks.

Pictured below, some sneak peeks of new designs that are coming soon, later in September! One of the biggest challenges for me, in the last, oh I'd say year and a half, is finding the time to create, photograph and roll out new designs while keeping up with all of my current work. I have to say, it's a challenge that I didn't really anticipate when I set off down this handmade jewelry business path, but it is one that I'm better learning to rise to.

(that last photo includes some older designs too)

I'm hoping to put together a post about the Gravenstein Apple Fair that I vended at last weekend.  It was a wonderful event that I was kind of sad to see end. I'm already making plans for next year's fair! In the meantime, time for me to get some lunch. . .