Full Circle ~ Vacation, Craft Fairs and Real Life Stuff

Recently I was given the extreme privilege of learning why you need to learn to prioritize the people and things that matter to you most while you can. Not tomorrow or once your business is up and running smoothly or once you're in the right mood. No, right now it must be done. At least  in as much a way as you are capable of doing it at that moment. And just be present. Stop worrying about "what if", stop letting fear cloud things. 

That probably seems vague and esoteric, and I'm gonna leave it vague and esoteric for now as I don't have 100% clearance to write about some of the things I'm referencing here. 

I know I've been away from the blog quite a bit this summer. Always seems to happen during the summer. A couple of weeks ago Jeff and I went up to Northern California for a much needed respite from the busyness of our lives. Some pictures below are from that trip. The rest are a round-up of small moments and Tangleweeds moments. Enjoy!