LWM ~ Jumpers and Safety Glasses

I've had some long days in the studio the last couple of weeks and music is one of those things that keeps me focused and motivated. Sometimes though, it's not the high energy stuff I prefer, but more calm and melodic music, like the wonderful songs by the sisters Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Their music has been the backdrop for much of the designing of my fall collection. 

Wearing ~ summery dresses and safety glasses! Well, okay, the safety glasses pretty much get worn at some point everyday. I found this jumper dress at a thrift shop a week ago and knew it was meant for me. It was long, ankle length and a bit matronly, nothing a little hem-length adjustment couldn't fix!

Making ~ In between making sessions with my assistant, I've been a busy bee on the new collection. . . Here's another little sneak peek of some of the color and stone elements from what will be the fall collection.

Happy Thursday!