LWM ~ Biscuits

Listening-Wearing-Making is back! I'm trying out this whole new daily schedule thing in an attempt to stay more on top of some things I really like and want to do, but that seem to fall through the cracks, like blogging. This week I've been listening to a lot of Kacey Musgraves's newest album, Pageant Material. If you love your country clever and with a twist (and open/liberal minded) then you'll love her music!

Wearing - I wasn't sure what the theme was here for this week, and then I realized this week has been all about thrifted goodies! I few posts back I mentioned how I'm becoming more intentional about what I buy for my wardrobe, more stealthy and more planning, because yes, a girl can have too many printed skirts. It's also sort of lead me circuitously to re-discovering some goodies I already own, like these sandals I thrifted a couple of years ago and barely wore. 

Making ~ This week I've been really upping the production in preparation for Renegade. But because I know many of you are curious about how the new line is coming along, I thought I'd share a (messy) photo of some of the in-progress stuff from my fall collection. Which, by the way, is looking like I'll have released by the beginning of September! 

I hope everyone is having a grand week! It's been busy busy with Tangleweeds for me. I'm taking a few days off next week to hang with my nephew, take him swimming and to the Exploratorium. As a fellow small business owner once said to me, when you work for yourself and you take time off, you don't really end up working less, it just all sort of gets pushed to either side. You work a bit harder before and a bit harder afterwards and it all sort of equalizes. 

Here's to a happy holiday weekend everyone!