Full Circle: Dreaming about the desert

I think it's the gorgeous weather in the bay area these last few days, but I've been dreaming about the desert quite a bit lately. The photo below is from the painted desert in Arizona (source here.) Dreaming of hopping in a VW bus, packing a cooler full of food, a tent and a few good friends and just hitting the road for a while. There's been this tug-of-war back and forth within me: a desire to really put my nose to the grindstone with my work, and a desire to get away from it all for a bit. 

So, I've made a compromise of sorts over the weekend. I had an "office" day in my backyard. It was gorgeous out, the calendula is in bloom, and my cats LOVE it when I work from home (especially in their backyard.) I remind myself that there will be time for road-trips later this year (hopefully in May, more on that later.) 

In the studio I've been busily prepping some new pieces that I will be stocking my Etsy store with this week and next week. Below are a bunch of new colorways that will be available in my Featherlight style necklace. The Featherlight has been hands-down one of my most popular designs, and I often have new colors available at the fairs I sell at. This year I'm trying to make more of an effort to get new work photographed and into my Etsy shop so those of you not so close to the SF Bay Area can shop from them too!

(last photo above is from First Friday at the 25th Street Collective here in Oakland)

Also, my studio assistant, Alice, is back in town and will be back at the studio tomorrow. I am SO happy for this. Not only because her hands make some of my designs faster than my own, but because I'll get to hear all about her trip to see family in New Mexico - a little vicarious living on my part for now. 

I hope everyone's Monday (remember the time changed, don't forget to move that clock one hour forward if you haven't already!) is off to a wonderful start!