LWM: The Ones you Know

I titled this post "the ones you know" in honor and awe of all of the amazingly creative and talented and driven folks I am lucky to call my friends, family, and in general compatriots of this handmade life that I'm living and improvising on everyday. It is a hustle, but it can be very fulfilling. There's a reason so many makers use the hashtag #everydayimhustlin on their Instagram and Facebook posts. 

So, in the spirit of the "ones I know", I wanted to share this mix put together by my boyfriend. You can find him blogging about all things Smoothday and AOR (album oriented rock, I spell it out 'cause I needed it spelled out when he first started dropping that acronym) at his blog FM Version. If you like your rock smooth and 70s flavored you're gonna love this.

Wearing - One of my favorite dresses from Field Day in Oakland. The dresses and skirts created by Field Day are so comfortable and practical yet pretty-making at the same time. And the owner, Trinity, is a lovely soul, someone I feel lucky to have met. With a thrifted cardigan and TailFeather earrings from Tangleweeds. (And yes, that is my cat Otis, photo-bombing my outfit shot =). 

Making - lots and lots of my Drape Necklaces. My, oh my, how popular they were at the tradeshow I just finished up at on Tuesday. I love making these, but I especially love having my assistant to help, and since she's out of town for the next week, it'll be my two hands for now. 

Well, folks, today is packed to the rafters with things that need to get done! Which means I am behind on a few things I promised last week, pre-tradeshow. I should have known better than to commit to much of anything for the week following the tradeshow, but I have a tendency to think "yeah, sure I'll somehow manage to get it all done." My point: new pieces won't be going up in the Etsy shop for a couple more weeks, and I'm postponing my next giveaway 'til next week, next Monday to be exact. It's gonna be a good one tho, so I encourage you to check back here on the 2nd! 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!