Full Circle - Learning Curve

I'm working on new line-sheets this week for a tradeshow that's coming up fast (this weekend!) I'm not the most adept user of photoshop, so I sat down with Jeff and he showed me quicker ways of doing what I usually do. Man, was I making my work so much harder than it needed to be! 

Also, I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow. I didn't realize that today is a holiday for most folks until this morning, so I figure more people will be around on the inter webs tomorrow. So, check back then =). 

A little run down of the above photos (top to bottom):

1. my brass bead stash
2. patterns and textures: two essential ingredients to my wardrobe
3. Todos Organics infused cocunt oils. Soooooo good for the skin!
4. Arlo, lazing in the sun. (Yes, that's a wound on his forehead. He got in a pretty nasty cat fight a week ago. He's healing up nicely tho!)
5. Otis, lounging in the backyard with his brother.
6. my current weaving project. I'm working some driftwood into this one. I'm curious to see where I go with this one.
7. Some new designs! I really want to get these in the Etsy shop this week, but reality and my schedule may dictate next week. I'll post here when they go live!