LWM ~ Something Fun

Listening ~ I recently discovered this Australian country band, the McClymonts and now I can't stop listening to their mostly up-beat relationship-story songs. Trust me, there music is a TON of fun to sing along to in the car!

Wearing ~ My new dress from Make it Good Apparel. They're based in Portland (but they almost always come out to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft fair.) I love the organic-geometric quality to their patterning and garments. 

outfit details:
dress - Make it Good
boots - clearance at Anthropologie
earrings - Tangleweeds TailFeathers design
bangle - Tangleweeds Spaces design


Making ~ Everything! Ha, really though. This is that time of the year when holiday wholesale orders start rolling in, I start prepping for holiday craft fairs, and I'm working on the new designs. So, yeah, I thought everything pretty much summed it up nicely. =)


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!