Full Week - Stinky Cat - Letting Go - Oakland Zoo

Yeah, long rambly title, I know. Some reason those are the titles I like to go with when I look back on my last week for these Weekly Recap posts. What a week it's been too! I'll get right to the stinky cat part - Arlo (below) got sprayed by a skunk, right in the face, Friday evening. Oh, goodness was it terrible! We had to wash him in a mix of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda. And we had to flush out his eyes about 12 times over. He was miserable, but I'm happy to say he's doing much much better now (altho his head is still a little stinky.)

Also, last Tuesday my folks and I, as a sort-of belated Mother's Day day, went antiquing in Turlock. I picked up tons of great stuff for my new studio space. I'm going to set up a "show space" of sorts (in a couple of months, probably by mid-summer). That white coffee table will be sort of the center piece, around which I'll have possibly a couch, and chairs. I'm hoping to hire a friend of mine to build me a sofa out of wood pallets. More on that as it all becomes a reality! Below is a record-room at one of the spots in Turlock that I'm hoping to go back to with Jeff (he's quite the record collector.)

Then, this past weekend I vended at the Treasure Island flea on Saturday, and Sunday I had my good friend and sometimes Tangleweeds employee, Alice, work the event. She did everything, from set up to pack up and haul out at the end of the day and she really did a fabulous job! I had her work on Sunday so I could go to the Oakland Zoo with my sister and her two sons. It was such a fun day.

Having Alice work for me on Sunday really was a lesson in letting go of control a bit. While Tangleweeds is for all intents and purposes my baby, there comes a point when and where you simply need help for the business to grow. And so I can take care of myself, both physically and emotionally. The fact that it went as well as it did is giving me the confidence to plan on weekends where I double book myself at fairs. I can work one event and Alice (or another wonderful person) can work the other one. Of course, for those of you wondering, it definitely is a bit of a financial risk too, of course, but I figure so long as it all balances out I'm happy!

Well, this post took longer than I thought it would, so I better jump to the workbench now. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend (even if you did have to work some or all of it as so many of us had to.)