Disneyland Here I Come

Well, folks, I leave for Disneyland with my sister's family tomorrow at the crack-o-dawn (4am) so as you can imagine, I'm still functioning in over-whelmed, busy-mode. It's okay tho, a few days to just walk around and be a kid again will put everything back into perspective =). I still wanted to drop in with another edition of listening-wearing-making. . . but it's a bit abbreviated. I don't have the "wearing" part as I accidentally deleted the photos off of my camera before uploading them to my computer. Just one of those weeks! 

This week I've been listening to a lot of Gaslight Anthem. They're sort of punk-rocky. . . Something I don't listen to that much, but it's great for energizing me in the studio.

Making. . . .Well, if you've taken a look around this site you've already noticed the update and the release of the new collection! As you can imagine I've been busy making lots of the new pieces, but especially these ones, the Creekside earrings. . . 

These are a popular design; I sold several pairs at last weekend's Treasure Island Flea. I love the rough-rustic texture on the brass "stems" of these earrings. (And, in case you're wondering the ear wires are gold-platted surgical steel, so they're suitable for sensitive ears.)

I probably won't be back to the blog until next week, when I'm back home. I'm gonna try to take a bunch of photos on the trip, so look forward to lots of snaps of my nephews and my sister, her husband and I goofing off at Disneyland. Next week I'll unveil the April giveaway too. In the meantime I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of their week!