Travel Stones and Tail Feathers

This week's edition of Listening, Wearing, Making. . . 

My boyfriend is always making me playlists on Spotify (a much appreciated gesture!) He put a Haim song on a couple different playlists recently, which prompted me to go and listen to their full album which I discovered I absolutely LOVE. So dancey, but not predictable. At least, that's how I would describe their music. Take a listen!

Lately, I can't stop wearing these TailFeather earrings from the new collection. I love the simple yet slightly unusual shape of them.

Making. . . I've been making a new batch of travel stone necklaces for my spring and summer craft fairs. You'll see in these photos the turquoise and lapis that I've had in stock for a while, but also new ones: peach moonstone, tigerseye, and silver mist jasper (those are the square-ish ones.) I'm really loving how these colors look all mixed up together. The new stones won't be available in my Etsy shop for another month or so, but you can always request them when you purchase any of the older/classic ones. 

Well, tomorrow's my birthday, so I better hop to it with work today (I'm taking tomorrow off.) Then on Saturday I'll be vending at Jack of All Trades in Jack London Square in Oakland. Drop on by and say hello if you're in the area!