Mercury Retrograde is Over!

Has anyone else been feeling the Mercury Retrograde? This last week I had so many technical difficulties and strange mis-haps that I was starting to think I'd be better off spending my week in bed with my cats and a few books. Not really, but I did do that come Wednesday evening! At least Mercury went direct on Saturday. Phew! While I'm not a hard and fast astrology believer, I think it's a nice metaphor for talking about how everything relates to everything else. . . 

Below, my week in snapshots. (Also, read to the bottom for important Tangleweeds Giveaway info!)

Top to bottom:

1. A shot from my lookbook photoshoot. Boy oh boy was that day interesting. It was raining all day, which made for an interesting and challenging photo-shoot. But it came together and I can't wait to share it in early April.
2. Arlo and Otis and a good book. This is how I spent a few of my evenings. My week pretty much demanded it!
3. Raindrops on calendula flowers in my backyard. I planted these a couple of years ago and they're doing marvelously. I planted them so I could harvest them for tea but so far I haven't had the heart to cut these gorgeous flowers down!
4. Really awesome owl tumblers and ice holder at an antique mall in Sacramento. Jeff and I had a brief getaway this past weekend. We spent a couple day and one night in the capital and did a bunch of thrifting, antiquing, and record shopping. 
5. A shot of me busy at work. My work bench is always a mess of scrap metal and pieces in various stages of "almost finished."
6. The last two are my parents' dogs. The first one is Avery and the second shot is of my mom and Amber. Amber was a dog they found on the street recently and took in. She's getting along quite well with Avery (who's a bit of a senior-doggie).

Lastly, I'll be offering my first Tangleweeds Giveaway this month! Tomorrow morning I'll post about it and how to enter. Anyone is welcome to enter!