Vernal Equinox, Anticipation, Changes

This week's edition of Listening, Wearing, Making. . . 

This week has been a bit of an odd one for me. . . There have been some growing pains with my studio space. I can't get into the exact nature of it here, but there is the real possibility of needing to move my space sometime in the not-so-distant future. While that is exciting for some reasons, for other reasons it's making me feel unsettled and antsy. (And, actually, if anyone is reading this and knows of a possible studio opening somewhere in the Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda area and think it might be a good fit, shoot me a direct email at I'm looking for a space with a bit of privacy, i.e. not a communal/shared space. Also, I'm willing to consider some less traditional studio spaces. )

On to what I've been listening to. . . 

In this last week, as I sat down to write this post, I realized that I haven't been listening to nearly as much music as I usually do. Instead I've been listening to the archives of many of my favorite NPR and KPFA shows. One of my favorites is last weeks's airing of Herbal Highway on KPFA. It's titled Food as Medicine. I think you get the general gist of the show simply given the title. If you have some quiet time this week, maybe while cooking a meal, give it a listen. 


Wearing. . . 

I am working from home today and realized the photos I'd taken for this post are on my camera. . . back at my studio. Darnit! So I thought I'd share a little sneak from the up-coming lookbook for my spring/summer Essentiality Collection. You can see from the photo there's going to be some new moon pieces, bangles, rings. And color: pale pink, violet, turquoise offset by pops of eggshell, matte black, and (of course) brass. 


Making. . . This week I spent a good chunk of time working on an order for Azil (a cute little shop on Hayes in San Francisco.) The above are just a few of the pieces headed to their shop tomorrow. And of course, I made a few to stock up my inventory for my upcoming craft fairs.

On the upside about my studio, working from home is lovely on a day like today. I have the doors and windows open to let in the fresh air and sunshine. Pretty perfect. Happy first day of spring everyone!