Music Festivals, Kids' Birthday Parties

Life has been full of lots of little celebrations lately. My nephew, Chase just turned 2. I went to his birthday party on Saturday. On Sunday Jeff and I went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco. In some spare time last week I also managed to check out Lauren Napolitano's art installation at Redux in Alameda (see photo second from the bottom). And of course, there's been lots of jewelry making in the midst of all of this. 

I'm leaving for Boston next Thursday and will be gone for a week. Looking forward to a vacation, some time to step back from the work and get rejuvenated for the holiday season. My Etsy shop will stay open while I'm gone, altho there will be a slight delay on shipping those orders out.

Also, we just had a full moon eclipse in Aries last night! Pretty powerful medicine for letting go of unnecessary baggage. . . And being an Aries myself I can't help but feel it's significance. Ya know, even if you don't take all of the astrology/moon phase/chakra stuff 100% literally they're all really great tools for slowing down and thinking about and reflecting on where your life is going. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!