Listening, Wearing, Making in the New Year

It's been back to the studio this week, back to making jewelry, and LOADS of paperwork. I swear this year I'm not gonna fall behind on my paperwork. (I think I say that every year tho!) As I plough through inventory updates, receipts, and spreadsheets, I've been listening to a lot of. . . 

Over the holidays I indulged a bit and bought several new handmade pieces from other jewelry artists. I love to collect other jewelers' work, especially because I make my own. Makes me appreciate the process and talent of these fellow artisans! In the photo collage below I'm wearing a necklace made by a friend (who wants to start her own jewelry line), Tangleweeds earrings, and stacking rings by Siri Hansdotter. It's a lovely, intentional way of adornment in the morning when I get to comb through my collection of handmade treasures. 


Besides all of that paper work I already mentioned, it's been time to get the Tangleweeds coffers fully stocked for some January events. These quartz crystals will get strung on delicate chain for more of my Travel necklaces. These particular ones were wrapped by my lovely assistant, Zoe. I think she did a pretty great job!


I hope 2014 is starting out wonderfully for all of you! There's good energy brewing over here with Tangleweeds. Lots more new stuff to come!