How we get by. . .

(and another edition of Listening Wearing Making)

So, last weekend was the West Coast Craft fair. What an event it was! I met some great folks, splurged and bought myself a lovely necklace from Pilgrimage (Jess Feury), and sold lots of great Tangleweeds pieces. It really was the best possible way to launch the holiday craft fair season!

(Listening to: Lavendar Diamond's album, Incorruptible Heart. When this song, Light the Way, comes on, it usually leads to a 3-minute dance break at my studio. )

While getting ready for this fair (on Thursday, just two days before the fair, one day before load-in) my car was stolen from outside of my studio. (I have since gotten it back!) It was terrible timing, but there never really is good timing with something like this. Not only did I have to deal with the logistics of dealing with a stolen car, but I also had to navigate and coordinate the details of getting all of my stuff to the fair three days in a row, car-less. 

(Wearing: my crescent moon necklace, nearly everyday. It's sort of been acting as a talisman of sorts to this crazy season.)


The thing about when crappy stuff happens is it gives life a chance to remind you how amazing and wonderful many of the people around you are. My friends and family came to the rescue, and between a coordinated effort of musical cars I was able to manage all of the requirements made of Tangleweeds when there's a craft fair to show up and be present at! 

(Making: lots of crescent moon earrings! These are always so popular at my fairs, so you can bet I'll have more of these at Patchwork this next weekend.)


So, overall I'm feeling incredibly lucky. Lucky because I got my car back, but also lucky to have such wonderful folks in my life. I feel like even if I didn't get my car back I would have found a way through it until I came up with the funds to get a new car. This season is really gonna be busy, there's so much great stuff going on, and sometimes it's gonna feel like I can't pull it all off. This car incident was the kind of reminder someone like me needs every now and then: it's okay to ask for help, and more than it being okay, people really want to help out when they can.

It's how we call get by in this crazy life.