Tangleweeds Job Opening

Tangleweeds is seeking a part-time assistant. . . .

My name is Jeannine Komush and I run and own Tangleweeds. I started this small, hand-crafted business years ago. It has slowly grown to be my full-time job. I am a very lucky person to be able to say that! And now I am in the position to hire someone to work for Tangleweeds on a part-time basis. My days are quite busy, suffice to say I am at a point where the amount I have to do simply necessitates having an extra set of hands!

A little bit about Tangleweeds: Tangleweeds is a hand-crafted line of jewelry with a rustic yet elegant aesthetic. All pieces are hand-crafted by me in my Jack London Square Oakland studio. My primary materials are brass and steel. I use scrap and junked metals whenever possible. Designs are accented by vintage and repurposed materials as well as semi-precious stones and a variety of vintage and new glass beads. Tangleweeds has really just been me doing it all for the last few years. I am pretty passionate about what I do, and hope to find someone passionate about the world of hand-crafted items as well.

Responsibilities/Job Description

While I haven’t created a specific “title” per se for this position, you’re basically gonna be my second set of hands in many ways. You can think of yourself as the personal and business assistant to Tangleweeds.

I am looking for someone to help me with the following:

- Jewelry production (the simple part of the jewelry construction with the potential to be trained on complete design execution)
 - Running various errands (these may be both professional and personal related)
 - Packaging of orders 
 - merchandising and organizing
 - Being my second set of hands at selling events (and eventually graduating to running them on your own)
 - Adding sales data to spreadsheets/some book-keeping

Skills and attributes desired

Ideally, you would be:

Organized and yet able to handle a bit of chaos now and then (as is want to happen in this business.) A passion for handmade, a willingness to do some repetitive tasks now and then, an interest in learning as you go. While I don’t require that you have experience in making jewelry, it would be helpful if you did. I am willing to train the right person tho! Also, be comfortable in a “customer service” context. Working and selling at craft fairs will require you to be friendly and warm with people you don’t know. Also, I am looking for someone responsible and willing to be held accountable for their actions and words. I will do my best to openly and clearly communicate about what is expected and I would appreciate open and honest communication in return. 


Ultimately, I am hoping to find someone that wants to grow with Tangleweeds. I am looking to hire someone soon (in time for help during the holidays). Once hired, think of the first three months as yours and my trial period. After three months we will evaluate where you’re at and decide if we both think it’s been a good fit. We will also discuss the possibility of a raise. Lastly, while none of it is very glamorous, there may be the possibility of some light traveling out of the bay area for fairs/selling events. 
About 10 to 15 hours a week. Most likely 5 to 7 hour days. There is flexibility to adjust the days worked from week to week, but I do think it would be best to set up a regular schedule.


$10 an hour to start with the possibility of a raise three months in (see above details under "commitment") 


Inquiries should be emailed to tangleweedsjewelry@gmail.com. Please do not directly message me here on my website. Along with your resume please include something about yourself, why you think you’d be a good fit for Tangleweeds. 

Lastly, if you’d like to see more about Tangleweeds you can check out my Etsy shop and my website:



Thanks! I look forward to meeting some of you! I will be replying to applications as they come in. Interviews will be arranged for around the end of October/beginning of November.