Full Circle ~ Women's Herbal Symposium

Two weekends ago my friend (and Tangleweeds assistant, Alice) and I went to the Women's Herbal Symposium in northern California. 

It was a wonderful experience: we met other lovely ladies, took classes on everything from the endocrine system to moon cycles to the manzanita bush to herb walks. For me it was a time of slowing down and coming back into touch with all things about good self-care.

Along the way, driving out there, we stopped in downtown Cloverdale for coffee and a bit of a stretch break. This coffee shop had the best honey-iced-lattes. And the most adorable gas station that looked like a little house, all decorated with wind chimes. 

I had plans to put this post up last week, but life seemed to dictate otherwise. Every time I sat down to work on it I either had internet connectivity issues or Squarespace was acting buggy. In a way it was a relief, 'cause after being back from the Symposium I had so much to catch up on, it was good to sort of just say "okay, somethings can wait". . . 

Which was sort of my biggest take away from the Symposium: more than simply a slowing down and not running about with miles long to-do lists everyday, but leaving space for things to happen as they need to. I know that can sound sort of woo-woo to some people's ears, but I have to say, I've had a lot of things just sort themselves out since getting home. I think I'm allowing myself to hold that space open in life for more unplanned possibilities. 

A little bit more of un-planned-ness: I had the privilege of meeting Milla of The Woman Who Married a Bear and her two friends Ann and Missa. I've been reading her bog for at least ten years now and am continually inspired by her. I picked up a pair of her hand-painted leather earrings at the Marketplace on Sunday. 

It's June now! I can't believe it in a way. Craft fair season is definitely in full swing! With that said, I know how busy I get during the spring/summer fair season. I'm going to try to pop in here on the weekly, but if you find yourself missing me, you can always find me on Instagram too!

Have a lovely week everyone =)