Last Friday was my 33rd birthday. Jeff and I went out for a lovely dinner at Penrose in Oakland. I got to dress up (something that is a rare occurrence lately) in this blue lace dress I scored off the clearance rack at Anthropologie a little while back. We sat around and ate oysters, fried abalone, deliciously fresh asparagus, and more. It was relaxed and low-key and pretty much perfect. After dinner I thought that we'd try and find somewhere good for dancing, but I must admit I was ready for bed by 11! One thing that I am noticing about getting older is how much easier it is to get up early everyday but how much harder it is to stay up late.

Last week I had said I would have more photos from my Disneyland trip to share with all of you. I still need to finish going through all of them, but here are a few that I especially liked: 

My sister is already in the works planning the next Disneyland trip! Hopefully I'll be able to take the time off from work again and join them for part 2 (not 'til next year). 

For now tho I'm trying to get re-focused on all things Tangleweeds. I have a slew of fairs in May and that means I need to start making like a mad-woman. I've got a set of engagement rings (for a custom order) to finish, and jewelry photos to edit. Right now it's back to the workbench for me!

(Also, if you didn't already see yesterday's post, check it out for April's Tangleweeds Giveaway. You have until April 28th to enter!)

Maybe Vacation

This past weekend I vended at the Treasure Island Flea. Saturday was such a mess! Wind and rain, obviously not a whole lot of shoppers came out. But Sunday made up for it: sunny and just a little bit breezy. Today it's been hailing off and on here in Oakland. What whacky weather!

(first photo from Saturday - the view looking out from inside my booth, second photo from Sunday)

Honestly tho, I'm going into this week completely frazzled by the amount of work I have to get done in a fraction of the amount of time I would usually have. I'm headed to Disneyland with my sister and her family on Friday, which will be loads of fun. But let's not kid ourselves! It's not easy (like really really not easy) taking time off when you run your own business. I'm feeling a bit conflicted about taking this time off, even tho I know it is exactly what is needed to keep the creativity and motivation flowing freely. 

Al right, time to work on my new linesheets. Enjoy the day everyone!

Winter Vacation

Just a few snapshots from the winter break I took after the crazy-ness of the holidays had subsided. Jeff and I had some quality time together hanging out at Lake Merritt, hiking along the Hayward shoreline and cooking yummy dinners together. I'm brimming over with new ideas for Tangleweeds now and can't wait to bring them all to fruition this year, all with a healthy dose of mindfulness along the way. 

photo 1.JPG