Full Circle ~ Family Times

Last week I went to Disneyland for a few days with my sister's family and my dad. It was great to have this kind of time together, as it can be difficult to get everyone's busy schedules to all line up such that we can go on a trip together!

me and my 9 year old nephew, Noah. He's not bored, he just hates having his picture taken.

me and my 9 year old nephew, Noah. He's not bored, he just hates having his picture taken.

This week, being back to work with Tangleweeds has felt great. Sometimes stepping away form something you love is just what you need to re-charge your batteries. 

As a quick reminder, tomorrow is the last day of my Everything is Connected sale (use code "connected" for 25% off all orders) and the last day to enter my giveaway by the same name. Good luck and enjoy!

And the August Giveaway Winner Is. . .

Megan! Megan, you are the winner of the Pink Desert Sands necklace (thanks to a random number generator =)
Please send me an email with your shipping address to: tangleweedsjewelry@gmail.com. I will get your winnings shipped off to you just as soon as I am back in town from the Gravenstein Apple Fair.
A BIG THANKS to everyone who entered! I loved hearing all about how you guys tackle overwhelm and daily life stresses. 
I'm already scheming up a theme for my next giveaway. . . 


August Tangleweeds Giveaway. . .

I'm excited to announce that for the August Tangleweeds giveaway I've selected one of the pieces from the new collection. . . The Pink Desert Sands Necklace featuring a flower jasper stone and hand forged metal work finished off with my signature rustic texturing. 

I'm currently in crunch mode getting ready for the Gravenstein Apple Fair, so I thought I'd roll out this giveaway on a shorter time frame than usual. Simply leave a comment here on the blog about one of your favorite places to go when things get stressful or just overwhelming. It can be anywhere, from a bookstore to a hiking trail to the movie theatre, or anywhere else!

I love to go to bookstores to escape for a bit, when things get really stressful. I walk up and down the aisles and pull books off of shelves, flipping open to random pages and reading short excerpts. Sometimes I buy a book, sometimes I don't. But I always leave feeling a bit refreshed and inspired for what lies ahead in my day/week/month. 

Leave a comment on this post and I'll announce the winner next Wednesday. Good luck and have a great weekend!

The Tangleweeds Giveaway Returns!

Good Tuesday morning to all of you lovely Tangleweeds readers! I actually got excited picking out the piece for this next giveaway. The timing dovetails nicely with the changes I am implementing with my business, and I immediately thought that I would like to offer a piece that is a classic that I've had much success with, but will ultimately be discontinuing by the end of July. 

River Rock Steel and Brass Lariat Necklace

I decided on my River Rock Lariat design. This piece is the perfect balance of subtle and elegant, perfect for everyday, mixed with an edginess and uniqueness that really makes the piece stand out. 

River Rock Steel and Brass Lariat Necklace on Model

As always, the way to enter is to leave a comment on this post. (You don't have to sign in to Squarespace to do so. You can leave the comment anonymously, just make sure to say who you are in your comment in case you get picked!) This time around I'd like to know what sorts of day trips everyone has planned for the summer (if any.) As a busy jewelry artist I usually can't go on a long vacation more than once a year. But day trips can be a a great way to re-charge and open my eyes to new places. I'd like to know where you like to go on your summer day trips! (And if you don't have any planned, a simply comment about what you're excited about for the summer is perfect =)

River Rock Steel and Brass Lariat Necklace

I'll select a winner on July 19th and post the results here and on Instagram. Good luck!

April Giveaway Winner!

Oh dear! So I was supposed to announce the winner of the April giveaway on Monday! April REALLY has gotten away from me in ways the first few months of the year didn't. Better late than never, right?

The winner of a pair of the Raindrops earrings is. . . 


Cheri! CHERI, you are the winner of these great, classic, easy-to-wear pair of earrings. Shoot me an email at tangleweedsjewelry@gmail.com and we can arrange for you to receive these soon!

In the meantime folks, it's pretty obvious that I'm without much time for blogging these last few weeks. I'll drop in here as I can, but regular posts may not resume until I finish up catching up in some other Tangleweeds-related areas of business.

In the meantime, you can always follow my Tangleweeds endeavors over on Instagram!

April Tangleweeds Giveaway

That's right folks! With a new month brings a new Tangleweeds Giveaway. For this month we're calling to mind the old adage "April showers bring May flowers. . . "

We're offering up one pair of our Rain Drops earrings for one lucky winner! Simply leave a comment on this blog post with a little anecdote or detail about what you love about the spring time. I've really grown to love the comments everyone leave on these giveaway posts. You guys obviously put some thought into what you share!

We'll announce the randomly chosen winner here and over on Instagram on April 27th. Feel free to share this with folks you think would love Tangleweeds!

March Giveaway Winner!

Today's the day! Announcing the winner of the $50 gift certificate to the Tangleweeds Etsy shop..... Sheila, you are the randomly chosen winner!!! Please send us an email to tangleweedsjewelry@gmail.com and we'll send you the details on how to use that gift certificate. To everyone else who entered, thanks for all of the sweet words about our designs. We'll have another giveaway like this in the fall, so check back often!


And on a quick side note: things may be a bit quiet around here while our main computer gets its hard-drive replaced this week. We'll be back to the blog next week with new editions of Full Circle and Listening-Wearing-Making!  

Just a few days left!

I just wanted to drop in at the blog today to remind those of you who haven't entered my March Giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to the Tangleweeds Etsy shop, you have until the end of the day Sunday the 15th! All you have to do is leave a comment on the original giveaway post over here. 

I'll be announcing the winner here on the blog on Monday the 16th. Good luck!

March Tangleweeds Giveaway

March is here! Wow, how the beginning of this year is flying by! I have to say I woke up pretty excited this morning, because I knew I'd be offering a new kind of giveaway to my wonderful customers: a $50 gift certificate to my Tangleweeds Etsy shop to use as you please. 

Some details: The $50 gift certificate can only be used for items currently listed in my Etsy shop (not at a local boutique and not for custom work.) You may use it to buy an item for less than $50, in which case you will have an available left over credit with Tangleweeds until June 30th. You may also use the gift certificate towards an item for more than $50, in which case you will owe Tangleweeds the difference. Lastly, the certificate will expire on June 30th. 

For this giveaway, as always, I simply ask that you leave a comment on this blog post. This time around I'm gonna be a little selfish: tell me what it is about Tangleweeds jewelry that you love! Always good to get some feedback on my work, as an artist it's all too easy to get trapped in your own whirling thoughts.

I'll announce the randomly chosen winner on Monday the 16th. Feel free to spread the word about this giveaway to your fellow friends and family. And good luck!